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If you or your people wish to gain a qualification, it’s good to know that we offer a range of accredited programmes mapped against the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).

Outcomes of all accredited programmes are mapped against National Occupational Standards for Management & Leadership. View the model which shows how these qualifications map against higher education levels by clicking here.

All programmes delivered by the Training Spa:

  • are unit-based, with flexible module options
  • have a range of programme lengths and depth
  • can be customisised for needs of delegate
  • can be ‘built-on’ in order to reach the desired level Certificate or Diploma
  • present the opportunity for delegates to create an ongoing developmental programme

The Training Spa is accredited by The Institute for Leadership & Management (ILM) to deliver the following programmes:

  • L3 Award/Certificate /Diploma in Management!
  • L3 Award/Certificate in Coaching!
  • L3 Award/Certificate in Mentoring!
  • L3 Certificate in Coaching & Mentoring!
  • L4 Award in Managing Equality and Diversity!
  • L5 Award/Certificate/Diploma in Leadership & Management!
  • L5 Award/Certificate/Diploma in Management!
  • L5 Certificate/Diploma in Coaching & Mentoring!
  • L7 Award/Certificate/Diploma in Executive Management!
  • L7 Award/Certificate/Diploma in Strategic Leadership!
  • L7 Diploma in Strategic Leadership & Executive Management!
  • L7 Certificate/Diploma in Executive Coaching and Mentoring! !!